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SONAX has developed an electronic range of voltage stabilizers to meet the needs of customers who require stable voltage for their electronic equipment. This range of electronic AC voltage regulators correct voltage variations at extremely high speeds. They encompass the latest techniques of solid state AC voltage control and uses a unique design which is very reliable and sturdy.The continuos monitoring and control system offers superior performance and reliability over and above other brands available in the market.We are among a hand full of companies which can offer you state of the art TOROIDAL TRANSFORMERS which are manufactured using latest German Machines .With these transformers we can give our customers unmatched performance ,efficiency and low running costs.These transformers due to their special characteristics are used through out the world.


A automatic voltage stabilizer works to provide the Air Conditioner with proper voltages to optimize its performance.The stabilizer regulates the input voltage to a proper range of output voltage which is optimum for the A.C. It bridges the gap between the voltage required by A.C. and the voltage supplied by the electricity board .It also serves as a protector in case of high or low voltages and protects the A.C. from the adverse effects of improper voltage.The stabilizer also has a Time Delay Function to protect the compressor against any consecutive starts.

The Sonax Stabilizer is thus designed to ensure that your AC always receives the voltage that falls within the specified range. Whenever there is a rise or drop in the mains voltage there is a consecutive rise or drop in the voltage at the output of the stabilizer. If this output voltage rises above 255 or drop below 187 the stabilizer senses this and switches over to the appropriate tap of the transformer in its power circuit to either decrease (buck) or increase (boost), this voltage and brings the voltage within the range of specified limits.




A auto transformer forms the backbone of the voltage stabilizer it is one of the most important parts of the stabilizer.

A auto transformer works on the principle of Self and Mutually induced Electro Magnetic Force. It has two windings of copper wire on a core which produce this effect.


Relay basically perform the switching functions between the various parts of the stabilizer. They are responsible for the output supply and cut-off functions.

There are three relays in the stabilizer:-



•  Intelligent Time Delay and Low High Voltage Cut-off Relay.


The (P.C.B.) Printed Circuit Board has the various electrical components mounted on it i.e. I.C.'s, Capacitors, Resistance etc.These components work together and regulate the functions of the stabilizers it is responsible for the Intelligent Time Delay, Low -High Voltage Cutoff system.The P.C.B. has the function of Intelligent Time Delay and High Low Cut off.


•  VOLTMETER:- Voltmeter indicates the output given by the stabilizer to the Air Conditioner, this can be seen by pressing the push switch below the meter, which will give you the output.

•  MAIN LEAD:- A Three -Core main lead is provided to give the supply to the stabilizer.

•  CONNECTOR: - The connector is provided to connect the A.C. to the stabilizer.

•  TRIGGERING TRANSFORMER: - A triggering transformer is used to regulate the supply to the P.C.B.


•  Self Test - The Stabilizer has the characteristic to perform a Self Test of the whole unit whenever you switch it on. The PCB checks whether all the parts inside the stabilizer are in proper order or not and if anyone of them is not in proper working condition then this self test won't be complete and the stabilizer will not give you output, this is done to ensure that the Air Conditioner always receive proper output voltage.

•  Closed Loop Regulation System - The Sonax stabilizer operates on a closed loop regulation system which ensures that the voltage acting on the Air Conditioner is constantly maintained within certain specified limits, there by ensuring complete protection of the Air Conditioner even if or any reason this regulation circuit fails to operate a building safety feature ensure that the power supply to the AC is cut off, the moment the voltage goes outside the specified limits.

•  INTELLIGENT TIME DELAY - A period of 3 minutes is provided by this feature between each mains failure and the re-start of the compressor whereby the safety of the A.C. is totally insured. If the mains power fail momentarily, the output from the stabilizer will get switched on after a total of three minutes have elapsed. If the power resumes after , 1 min, the output from the stabilizer will get switched on 2 min after the power resumption. If the power resumes after 2 min, the output from the stabilizer will get switched on 1 min thereafter.

•  HIGH/LOW VOLTAGE CUTOFF - When the output falls outside the specified limits, the cutoff relay provided within the stabilizer will switch off supply to the A.C. protecting it from undesirable voltage .The supply is then automatically restored in the manner stated above when the voltage becomes normal. The circuits for protection and regulation are independent of each other, to ensure that in the event of failure of either, the functioning of the other remains unaffected.

•  IC CONTROLLED CIRCUIT - The Sonax Stabilizer has a 100% digital circuit, which is IC based as compared to other analog circuits. This PCB (Printed Circuit Board) controls everything to IC's which increases its reliability factor. These IC Circuits are a bench mark in reliability and durability.

•  TOROIDAL AUTO TRANSFORMER - These Stabilizers have a Toroidal Transformer as compare to a conventional transformer. This Toroidal Transformer conserves electricity and has longer life as compare to conventional transformer. The efficiency ratio in these transformers is very high as compare to conventional transformers.


TECHNICAL DETAILS OF "SONAX" Wall-Mounting, Automatic Voltage Stabilizer


MODEL NO. WMT 300 / 400 / 500
SUITABLE FOR 1 Ton / 1.5 Ton / 2.0 Ton Air Conditioners
INPUT VOLTAGE 145-280 Volts
OUTPUT VOLTAGE 195-245 Volts
COOLING Air-cooled ( Natural Draft )
OVERLOAD 500 % for 1 second
200 % for 20 seconds
150 % for 1 minute
OPERATING TEMP . -5 to +50 C
EFFICENCY Better than 98%, at variable ,equal load
CONSTRUCTION Texture powder coated paint.
CIRCUITRY (I.C.) Integrated Circuit Control with Relays.
INSTALLATON Wall or Floor Mounting option.
COMPONENTS Toroidal Transformer , Electro-Mechnical Relay

Triggering Transformer and Electronic Control Card.
FEATURES Buck-Boost Operation

Low High Voltage Cutoff  

Intelligent Time Delay