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Servo Oil Cooled

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Sonax servo stabilizers are meant for obtaining stable A.C. voltage supply from fluctuation mains within very close tolerance. Sonax servo stabilizer is very sturdy in construction heavy duty and satisfactory in performing under all conditions. Sonax servo incorporates solid state control devices, stepper motor operates auto transformer with buck & boost transformer. When the output voltage deviates from the adjusted required voltage, the solid state device produces an error signal which moves the auto transformer drive motor and feeds the voltage to the primary of buck boost, the secondary of buck boost is in series with the load so that the secondary voltage gets added or subtracted to keep the output voltage within 0.5% of the set voltage.

Te features of sonax servo stabilizers

  • Integrated circuit control without relays.
  • Zero waveform distortion and unaffected by load power factor.
  • On-line serviceability with interchangeable plug-in control card.
  • High accuracy upto - 0.5%
  • Auto manual operation facility from front panel.
  • Unaffected by line frequency variation (between 47 Hz to 52 Hz), extremely efficiency upto 97%.
  • In built transformers separately for each phase for regulation of mains.
  • High and low voltage cut-off.
  • Constant output voltage irrespective of load variation & mains variation.
  • A close accuracy of the output voltage for all variation of the line voltage orload curreny within the specified range.
  • Ultra - fast correction rate.
  • Robust design, sturdy, aesthetically & designed for 24 hrs. operation.
  • Industrial grade design for indoor tropical use.
  • Negligible wear & tear because of A.C synchronous motor.

The various applications of sonax servo stabilizers

  • Factories.
  • Houses.
  • Computers.
  • Electronic devices.
  • Medical equipment.
  • Photographic equipment.
  • Offset printing machine.
  • C.N.C machines.
  • Air-conditioning plants.
  • Hotels etc.